About Twin City Jacuzzi

Twin City Jacuzzi has a strong reputation for high-quality products and unforgettable service. That’s because they make it a top priority to treat their customers to world-leading brands, such as Jacuzzi. They understand that an investment in your backyard and home should be long-lasting and worthwhile. Their products offer an unbeatable performance, especially since each spa is built and designed to last. With an advanced system and top-quality manufacturing, their customers can enjoy the benefits of their Jacuzzi® Hot Tub for years to come.

SERVICES – Logo Design, Brand Design, Print Production, Multimedia

What We Do

Our partnership with Twin City Jacuzzi started with a redesign of their logo.  They wanted something simple and clean.  The logo then lead to a complete brand redesign with one cohesive story.  Today we continue to design and produce all the printed assets they use for their business.


At Cohesion we consistently strive to deliver unique and eye catching design. We understand when Twin City Jacuzzi hands a potential customer a brochure it’s creating an experience. The visual elements are designed to spark an emotion.

Printed Assets

For some, printed assets are just a way to communicate with potential customers. At Cohesion, we view it as an opportunity to build and grow your brand. That’s why Twin City Jacuzzi trusts us to create top-of-the-line printed assets for their promotional material and every other piece they use to run their organization.

Direct Mail

We work with Twin City Jacuzzi to design and deliver mail pieces to keep their customers informed on service options, chemical packages, or just to say thank you.  It’s a simple and cost effective way to keep their brand consistently in front of their customers.

Image is everything

More than just a picture… it’s what creates an experience for your customer.

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